This art show is dedicated to endangered species on land, in the air and water. It is just a minuscule portion of all species that find themselves on that list at not fault of their own.

When I first ventured into painting endangered species, I started with the iconic honey bees, and monarch butterflies. When doing my researched to paint art of these species, I became aware they are the poster-children for the hundreds of thousands of species that are a concern and up to critically endangered close to extension. No segment of life is untouched.

The reason for this is straightforward and are interrelated: loss of habitat, loss of reduced clean air & water, chemicals and pesticides use, trophy hunting, human greed and hubris. Each piece of art is meant to raise awareness as to what is at risk to life on our planet – if we don’t act to reverse this trend. If we don’t, humans will be on that list.

As you browse my art, take a moment to consider the amazing sustaining life we are going to loose if we don’t pay attention and take action.