About Susan P Cooper

Susan Cooper, susanpcooper.com

Susan P. Cooper

Susan is a former Marketing & Sales Executive, now the Publisher and Executive Director for Finding Our Way Now LLC which includes two websites: findingourwaynow.com and susanpcooper.com. Her responsibilities encompass researching, producing and creating all the content, as well as most of the illustrations and images you see on these two company websites.

Susan’s duties also include website oversight and management, content research, customer interaction and sales. In addition to that, Susan is developing all aspects of the new organization’s business model. These include: assessing future opportunities, budgeting and projecting potential revenues as well as creating, developing and deploying the necessary processes, tools and framework needed to build a quality highly ranked blog and website.

In Susan’s previous life, she was a marketing executive for large companies.  She is recognized as an outstanding leader in both the sales and marketing arena. Her expertise includes coaching and mentoring new managers with an emphasis on their personal career develop, marketing skill development and team leadership abilities.

She has taken her extraordinary business skills into the blogging world.  Her gift for developing long-term and short-term strategies has set her apart from others in the blogging world.

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