iDrawing Pencil Tool Tips 1: #iDraw

Everyone knows how to use a pencil to doodle with, to draw simple stick figures or whatever strikes our fancy. The iDraw vector pencil tool takes that to a new level. It’s easy to locate because it’s a pencil icon.

iDrawing Pencil Tool Tips 1

Below, for fun, I’ve taken the pencil tool and scrawled a line all over a white blank canvas. I used a 2pt width line in black with 70° smoothing. What is smoothing? It simply means smoothing the curves of a line. Less smoothing means sharper edges, more smoothing is the opposite, smoothing out the edges to a great or lesser degree.

Now you try. Use different smoothing values, line thicknesses and colors to get a feel for the tool.

iDraw Pencil Tool Tips,

Below you’ll notice how I’ve highlighted the line using the arrow at the upper left-hand corner.  I do this so that I could add something to each end of the line using the pulldown menu at the right.  Why not give it a try and see what you’d like to add to each end of your line.

iDraw Pencil Tool Tips,

What else can I do to a line? Why not add a fill color in the curve of the line? Just touch or click on the fill color square to bring up the many up options available to do this. Try different color combinations. You can do this by using the arrow at the upper right-hand corner and them highlight the line you’ve created and then change the line size, shape, color and fill at will.

iDraw Pencil Tool 3
That’s all for now. Next time I’ll provide more tips using the pencil tool. Who knows, we may even do some fun stuff with our pencil scrawl or create a simple stick figure drawing.

Now let’s go play with our pencil. Remember, use your practice canvas to play and experiment to your hearts content. One last thing, have some fun.

For more adventure, check out, these iDraw tutorials. Enjoy.

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Just Do It: iDraw

When it comes to learning anything new such as the iDraw app or application, many times it’s best to just “jump in the deep end.” What does that mean?

iDraw – Just Do It

iDraw- Just Do It,

The first step in learning about the iDraw vector drawing program or app only requires; that you move your mouse, pick up your iPad and stylus or your desktop drawing board and create, what I call, a practice page. It’s a blank canvas where you experiment with all the various tools with not a worry or a care of what someone would think.  

You play with your iDraw tools just as a child would with their crayons and paper and have some fun. When you do that, you learn a great deal about how your vector application functions. In doing this, you become comfortable with the tools available and you get better at it. 

Let me show you some of my practice canvases:

iDraw- Just Do It,

iDraw- Just Do It,

iDraw- Just Do It,

In each of these practice canvases, I’ve tried various tools styles and effects. These aren’t art pieces to share. They’re just a place where I play and learn something new about my iDraw app, especially when there’s been an update to the program. Aside from that, I do this now and then to refresh my skills.

Ladybug feature image,

Doing this may seem a bit silly, but it builds confidence in your ability as you experiment with each of the various tools. Before you know it you’ve created your first art piece.

Here is your challenge. Create a practice canvas and have a bit of fun. There’s no right or wrong about what you create it’s just about learning something about the tools you have at hand. Think of it as coloring outside of the lines.

Now, let’s draw something…

Next time I’ll share a few tips about one of the tools so stay tuned.

P.S. Take a look at some suggested reading and tools.